It is a well-known fact that products need to be constantly updated. Even the most classical product has a limited life cycle. The only way to make sure our products stand out is to keep up with customers’ demands and constantly upgrade our products. Because traditional three-wheel truck is not comfortable either to operate or drive, rough in appearance design and structural design, and lacking in technology, it is facing huge downward pressure in the market and is now struggling to survive.

The vision of 3MX product design is to gear itself towards future. By applying advanced product design concept and methods, organizing a research and development team composed of top experts from home and abroad, adopting NX for Design and CAE software for design simulation, focusing on the demands of customers, and following the study of human engineering, Wuzheng Group Pivot Innovation Center is able to design a new generation of 3MX three-wheel truck.

Truss chassis: compared with traditional chassis, this unique structural design optimizes the product by making it 30% lighter, 15% stronger, 10% higher in torsional rigidity and 50% higher in bearing capacity. During manufacturing, the product is welded by automatic robots, ensuring high quality and consistency.

The vehicle stands out with its innovative profile, application of new materials and new manufacturing methods. The application of light and anti-corrosion high-molecular polymer, with a life cycle of more than 10 years, and it also helps reduce vibration and noise. The front anti-collision beam further ensures the safety of the driver.

Human engineering: The product comes with a unique shock-absorption structure, a comfortable driving and riding experience and an adjustable steering wheel. 3MX is the first in the entire industry to apply a swing-arm front overhang. The product is also designed with a transverse leaf spring which increases the loading capacity of the front wheels, thus making it much more comfortable to drive and ride the vehicle. As for the interior space, the human engineering design adopts a spatial layout that is top in the industry, optimizing the locations of the steering wheel, pedals, gear and control panel to provide the driver and passengers with the best experience. It is also the first three-wheel truck in the domestic market with a steering wheel that can be adjusted up and down within 20 degrees, catering to the various demands of drivers and effectively making it easier for drivers at work.

3MX is equipped with EFI and high-pressure common rail diesel engine. It has strong power and effectively saves fuel. Its emission can meet China’s Stage III emission standard. Compared with the traditional diesel engine, the fuel consumption is reduced by about 25%.

3MX owns 5 patents for invention, 30 patents for utility model, 12 patents for design, and 86 product innovations. It is leading the industry by a large margin. The launch of 3MX will follow the Aoxiang series of Wuzheng to become the next bestseller. It carries out the spirit and culture of Wuzheng and records the highlights and history of Wuzheng with a mission to revolutionize the industry.