With a stylish appearance and comfortable driving experience, 3MX can be used for daily transportation.

3MX pursues high-quality craftsmanship standards, revealing the tough nature of the strong on the outside and the wisdom of the sage on the inside. Thoughtfully designed for your life and work, 3MX can cope with everything you’ve ever wanted from a vehicle for work and life.

ATC All Terrain Control System

It can adapt to all kinds of terrain and eliminate the steering turbulence caused by bumps. The smooth performance of the whole vehicle is superior to that of the traditional model. Both a novice and an experienced driver can handle it with ease, which fully guarantees the safety of the driver and passengers.

Work under high-intensity environments

Even in complex and harsh construction environments, 3MX is still able to cope with grace. 3MX is widely used on high-strength construction materials such as sand, brick and reinforced concrete.

Work under complex ground conditions

Designed for complex ground conditions, 3MX can take on plateaus, hills, mountains and steep, bumpy roads with ease. It can deliver timber in forests, transport materials for ranches, as well as handle delivery on country roads.

Work with high efficiency

For grains, fruits, vegetables and agricultural by-products, transportation efficiency is the most important factor to consider. The spacious trunk and high-strength cargo capacity of 3MX greatly improve work efficiency and generate more profits for users.

The trunk is convenient for loading and unloading. 3MX can be used as a close-range logistics vehicle for urban and rural areas.

3MX has an extra-large trunk cargo capacity and higher efficiency. The electronically controlled hydraulic device allows you to lift/lower the trunk with just one button, thus making loading and unloading more convenient.