3MX has a line of products ranging from semi-closed, single row, fully enclosed, simple shed, awning and others, which can meet the diverse needs of users in different regions.

This is the vehicle of your dream.

Sometimes, choosing the right product is the key to success. If you choose the best, you will get the best. 3MX will be your best choice. May you break the shackles like a strong soul and become the best self you can be. Go beyond the limits with 3MX.

It’s flexible.

3MX pursues high-quality craft standards, revealing the true nature of a strong soul and the sharpness of a wise creature. 3MX is capable to meet the needs of different users for different regions, applicable to various work requirements and living conditions.

It’s private.

There are always some strong souls that are different from the rest. They are full of inquiry, full of curiosity, constantly breaking boundaries and seeking changes. Your 3MX will be customized for you. With a stylish appearance, an interior design that is both user-friendly and packed with functionalities, as well as industry leading performance, you’ll know you made the right choice the moment you get in your brand new 3MX.