Cross Chassis

The cross-chassis design is inspired by the sturdiest truss structure such as the Bird's Nest in Beijing and the Eiffel Tower. Auto welded by robots, the cross-chassis design meets the goal of building a lightweight vehicle. At the same time, this design improves on load capacity design comparing to the traditional square tubes and channel steel chassis.

Front cantilever

We are the first in the industry to use swingable front suspension to replace shock absorbers. The system is capable to mediate small bumps completely and soften the blows from big bumps, making the chassis feedback more solid and tenacious.

Polymer Cabin

Rust, UV and weather resistant

Focal point LED lighting

By using eight LED lamp beads, we can achieve a brightness that is three times of a traditional halogen light source. Its service life is more than 10 times that of a traditional halogen light source. The power consumption is five times smaller than a traditional halogen light source.

Steel front protection

Guards against brush and accidental impact

Provide a great view when driving

The driving view is re-optimized, and the reflector area and curvature are larger. 3MX is equipped with a unique car window baffle sun roof design so that there is no dead spot in your view during operation.

High ground clearance

280mm to conquer diffiucult terrain

Anti-slip pedal

The unique anti-slip pedal design solves the problem that traditional pedals are easy to freeze on rainy and snowy days in winter, so that you can get in and out of the vehicle calmly and securely.