Advanced Chassis

High-strength steel and computer-designed for durability, allowing 3MX to carry up to 6 tons.

Trunk baffle rolling processing

The car adopts the rolling processing. The double-line design and the driver’s cabin’s outline are in harmony, rendering a strong visual impact. The automatic spot welding ensures the consistency and the structure is more stable. Welded columns are more reliable than bolt connections.

Electronically controlled hydraulic dumping

The electronically controlled hydraulic device allows you to lift/lower the trunk with just one button. It takes only 15 seconds to complete a lift motion. The battery power can support continuously lifting for more than 100 times without charging.

Temperature control cooling system

The temperature control cooling system will automatically turn on when the cooling area reaches 4.0㎡ and the temperature reaches 80°C, then automatically disable when it is lower than 60°C. This system not only improves the engine life, but also saves the vehicle's power consumption.